A grain to outer eyes

sometimes In the Miarren tag I see CC shippers, which is fine.

I am actually physically pained by some of the comments though. People saying there is no doubt CC is real, and they’re in love and everything is fake. Mia is Darren’s beard, and Will wants fame. Then the thing that makes me feel ‘cringe’ the most is the whole ‘poor babies, the PR situation’. WHAT PR SITUATION, ARE YOU LISTENING TO SOME SECRET SPY CONVERSATIONS? How are you concluding all this from a few looks. This is A) disrespectful, B) ridiculous C) not really a fan, a fan is someone that respects that person. Not someone who disregards their whole lives.

The vlog just felt so empty.

I feel like my family have just split up or something.

I am so in shock, I am just sying “what what what what” I want to cry. I mean. Just what. I’m still so confused!

I wish them the best

but whattttt

is it just more or does chick fillet sound like a fancy name to say chicken fillet

I’m supposed to be writing an essay. Help me